Our Mission 


You are about to discover how you can have the perfect smile and infection free dental health that you may have always desired. You will be learning about our dental professionals that see their careers as a calling to make a profound difference in your life based on honest communication, world class clinical excellence and home town personalized customer service.

If you are tired of the tradition of spending long periods in waiting rooms, little time with the doctor, and impersonal care, Smiles At Murphy is the perfect dental home for you. 

In short, we are so immensely proud to offer a level of care that is extremely unique in our marketplace and beyond. We are humbled to have patients in our practice for general dentistry, dental implants and orthodontics, from all corners of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. When you arrive in our reception area, you'll be greeted your name like a friend welcoming you in their home.  You won't find a closed window with a placard telling you to sign in on the clip-board in front of you.  You'll notice everyone on our team is happy to see you.  You'll immediately notice the atmosphere is relaxing.