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At Smiles at Murphy, we have many goals—starting with creating a safe, gentle, and comfortable environment. We are a family dental practice in Murphy, TX that focuses on long-term, authentic patient relationships. Dr. Anshu Jain practices compassionate dental care that allows her to care for her patients and identify issues early on instead of fixing problems as they come up. Our genuine and focused care means that we can filter out a lot of painful dental emergencies and costly repairs.

We listen to patient needs and are flexible with budgets. We create an atmosphere of trust with patients, so they know that it's based on heartfelt concern if we recommend a dental service. Since we are a privately owned dental practice, we don't have to answer to corporate demands. Patients are more than numbers; they are part of our dental family.

Our dental team believes that healthcare should be accessible to everyone—our investment in modern dental technology reflects patient support.

We Treat Your Smile

Murphy, TX dentist Dr. Anshu Jain and our welcoming dental team view each of our patients as unique individuals with unique smiles and smile needs. We don't subscribe to cookie-cutter solutions—your smile treatment is just for you.

At Smiles at Murphy, we offer patients a holistic approach to preventive dentistry with cosmetic treatments.  

Our diagnostic tools start with a compassionate and welcoming environment that uses advanced dental equipment, exceptional skills, and patient education that extends to modern dental technology. We also strive to stay current with oral health trends and education, and personalized evaluations to address your dental needs.  

Modern Dental Technology

Dr. Jain is a strong advocate for continuous education. She engages with continuing education to stay current with new, advanced dentistry knowledge and tools.  

Each year we see extraordinary leaps in how new technology can shorten treatment times, make procedures more reliable and comfortable, and keep us on track in maintaining your oral health. We diagnose with tools like dental x-ray images and intraoral cameras in order to catch oral health issues early.

Family-Centered Dental Care in Murphy, TX

At Smiles at Murphy, we offer a comprehensive list of dental services that provide for you and your family. 

Dr. Jain views dentistry in the same vein as a master gardener. Dentistry should not be about fixing emergencies as they occur—we aren't mechanics. Instead, we use our twice-yearly time with you to examine, inspect, diagnose, and treat and dental health issues. 

Even the most meticulous brushers and flossers can experience setbacks, so if we find an issue, we can heal you through dental services like gum disease care, dental crowns and bridges, tooth-colored fillings, dental implants, dentures, and root canals

Having a beautiful and healthy smile doesnt't naturally occur, it requires attention and effort—but the payoff is a show-stopper smile. 

Learning More About Our Dental Treatments

If you have any dental questions, we are here to provide answers. We can advise on techniques for adhering to proper brushing and flossing, diet and nutrition, and lifestyle habits. 

We view our patients as family, we invest in your comfort and oral health, even when you leave our office. We invite you to call us any time you want, especially during a dental emergency. 

Do not hesitate to give us a call to schedule an appointment and ask us any questions about your dental health.

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