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What are dental implants?

Patients looking for a solution to their missing teeth have options to explore, like dental implants. Understanding what dental implants are and how they improve the function of your smile, its appearance, and your mouth's overall health can help make an informed decision about the best choice for your situation and needs easier.

Dental Implant Information

They are a permanent solution to tooth loss. Though the crown will likely need to be replaced in ten to fifteen years, the post the dentist places in into the jaw will stay permanently, as long as the bone remains healthy.

This post will support an individual crown or help support a row of teeth. These teeth rest in the mouth like natural teeth, and patients can use them to drink and eat without worry. They stay firmly anchored in the mouth, avoiding any of the concerns and associated with denture use.

The post and crown will help support the other teeth in the mouth, helping by preventing teeth from and protecting gums.

Interested In Learning More About Dental Implants?

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