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What is cosmetic dentistry?

As patients begin exploring their dental options for restoring or improving their smile, they will likely have many questions about different dental terms. A dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry will be an excellent resource for patients trying to understand what options they have.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

This a broad term that can refer to any procedure, treatment, or service that improves the cosmetic appearance of a patient's smile, including:

  • Traditional braces or clear aligners
  • Dental bonding
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Veneers 
  • Teeth cleanings and whitening
  • Dental implants

Just because something is considered cosmetic doesn't mean it isn't also better for a patient's oral health. Teeth cleanings, for example, can help patients maintain a bright white smile and pink gums and function, more importantly, to keep the mouth healthy. 

Meanwhile, the benefits to some cosmetic dentistry options, like veneers, are almost entirely cosmetic. Determining which cosmetic options are best suited for a patient's situation will require a visit to our office for an exam with a dentist.

Expert Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are interested in learning more about cosmetic dentistry and how your local Murphy, Texas dentist can improve the appearance of your smile, contact us today to schedule an exam.

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