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What If I do not have a insurance?

We know dental insurance can be challenging, which is why we offer an affordable Loyalty Plan at our Murphy dental office with immediate savings.

Our Loyalty Plan gives patients coverage for yearly dental check-ups and cleanings. 

Our Adult Plan

  • $169/Yr 
  • 2 Exams 
  • Full Mouth X-Rays
  • 2 Regular Cleanings or Perio Maintenance Cleanings
  • Up to 35% Discount on Services 
  • $500 off on Orthodontics Services 

Our Children's Plan

  • $100/Yr 
  • 2 Exams 
  • Full Mouth X-Rays 
  • 2 Regular Cleanings
  • Annual Fluoride Treatment up to 35% Discount on Services 
  • $500 off on Orthodontics Services 

Smiles at Murphy appreciates that not every patient has access to reliable or affordable dental insurance and that many individual plans have high premiums with few benefits.

Since we want our patients to enjoy high-quality dental care, we have created our Smiles at Murphy Loyalty Plan so that our patients can enjoy the benefits of dental insurance without worrying about pesky restrictions and pricey premiums.

Give us a call today if you have any questions about your options without insurance. We will work with you and your family—your oral health is our passion and priority. We never want patients to neglect their oral health due to finances.

Together, we can figure out a happy solution that keeps your teeth and gums cared for. 

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