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How long does professional teeth whitening last?

The longevity of your teeth whitening in Murphy, TX depends on a few factors. First, we recommend professional teeth whitening under the supervision of a dentist. For prescription-grade whitening, there is simply no other option.

Other factors include your dietary choices. Your dentist or a member of our team can help you choose foods that are not staining, but as a rule, the following foods and drinks can discolor your teeth:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Bright sauces
  • Berries

It would be best if you also avoided tobacco—not only to increase the longevity of your teeth whitening but to lower your risks for periodontal disease, oral cancer, and body health complications.

Finally, we recommend brushing and flossing twice daily or after every meal. You should also rinse your mouth thoroughly if you indulge in tooth-staining foods and drinks.

With diligence, your professional teeth whitening treatment results can last for two to three years. If you opt for one of our take-home kits, you can touch up your results periodically as well.

Ask Your Murphy, TX Dentist Whether Professional Teeth Whitening Is Right for You

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