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When is it time to visit an emergency dentist?

Many patients question when visiting the dentist for an emergency is the right choice. There are more obvious instances, such as when a patient has a tooth knocked out, where an emergency visit to save the tooth is the only option.

A more commonly occurring issue can also require emergency attention, though it is much less dramatic. When the tooth's root becomes infected, it can cause several problems, like endangering the health of the tooth, surrounding gums, and jawbone. These infections tend to inflame the tooth's nerve causing moderate to severely debilitating pain.

The infection is enough reason to schedule a visit to the dentist to get the issue treated, but when this pain impairs a patient's ability to do basic things like sleep, focus, or work, it is likely time to see a dentist and get treatment as soon as possible.

In situations like these, the only thing that will likely stop the pain and save the tooth is a root canal. 

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